"The town I grew up in is the one that has left me with my legacy visions."

—Bob Dylan, 1963

"11 Outlined Epitaphs"

Bob Dylan's Hometown Tribute

In talking about his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota, Bob Dylan once said that “the earth there is unusual, filled with ore. So there is something happening there that is hard to define. There is a magnetic attraction there.”   Some say they hear poetry in the rumbling of the earth and the whispers of the wind. Others see beauty in the vibrant reds and oranges of the iron ore piles that rise up to meet a clear blue sky. Sometimes it’s hard to define, but that magnetic attraction has drawn Bob Dylan’s fans from around the world to Hibbing to try to gain a deeper appreciation for his writing and poetry.   

“There’s not many men that done the things that you've done” Bob Dylan, 1962, Song to Woody

Not long after graduating from Hibbing High School in 1959, the voice of Woody Guthrie called Bob Dylan to New York and an incredible music career was born. In 2016, it was announced that Bob Dylan had won the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Hibbing Dylan Project was formed to find a way to pay homage to his brilliant career. Currently, the Hibbing Dylan Project is in the process of raising funds to finance a public work of art honoring Dylan. When finished, it will be an inspirational space for the entire community.   


We are seeking monetary donations of any kind to help fund this work of art. All donations are tax-deductible. Follow the link to PayPal, or you may mail a check to:

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Hibbing Dylan Project

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