"The town I grew up in is the one that has left me with my legacy visions."

—Bob Dylan, 1963

"11 Outlined Epitaphs"

Honoring Bob Dylan in Hibbing, Minnesota

About the Hibbing Dylan Project

The Hibbing Dylan Project is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers, dedicated to creating a public work of art in Bob Dylan’s hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota. This inspirational space will pay tribute to the body of work spanning Bob Dylan’s career, which ultimately led to him being named as the Nobel Laureate in Literature for 2016.   

In Bob Dylan’s Nobel Lecture to the Swedish Academy, he mentioned how he “got to wondering exactly how my songs related to literature” and then proceeded to connect it back to the lessons and experiences he had as a teenager at Hibbing High School. He said, “I had the principles and sensibilities and an informed view of the world. And I had had that for a while. Learned it all in grammar school.”   

Our intention is to create a space for people to sit and “get to wondering” about the many ways Bob Dylan’s musical career has influenced their lives. Truly, the line connecting Bob Dylan’s education and life in Hibbing to where he is in life today is much shorter than anyone ever imagined.  

Bob Dylan Nobel Prize Tribute, Hibbing, MN Inside View

What will this creative place provide?

This public work of art will give Hibbing High School students a place to aspire to continue the songwriting tradition that started long before Robert Zimmerman became Bob Dylan. It will create an open-air space fostering the arts by providing a platform for poetry and theatrical readings, as well as solo and small group musical performances.

It will become a destination for passionate Dylan fans making the pilgrimage to Hibbing, hoping to gain a deeper sense of understanding of the man and his works.   

It will redefine Hibbing by creating a community that fosters the arts.  

Bob Dylan Nobel Prize Tribute, Hibbing, Mn Guitar Pick Plaza

About the artwork

The Bob Dylan Tribute will be constructed along Bob Dylan Drive, the Seventh Avenue East side of Hibbing High School. It will feature a bronze chair, set against a steel backdrop etched with lyrics from Bob Dylan’s songs. 

The street side of the wall will be constructed of the same brick and stone as the high school and will complement the building’s architecture. 

The bronze chair that will  sit in the plaza’s center will face the school as an open invitation for students to dream, wonder and aspire to carry on the tradition Dylan started in Hibbing. Eventually, someone will have to fill that chair—who will carry on Dylan’s legacy?

This tribute will also serve as a small open-air stage and amphitheater for students and teachers to utilize. The Hibbing Dylan Project’s intention is to create an educational space for poetry readings, speeches, and choir and band performances.   


We are seeking monetary donations of any amount to help fund this work of art. All donations are tax-deductible. Follow the link to PayPal, or you may mail a check to:

Hibbing Dylan Project

PO Box 61

Hibbing, MN 55746

Checks may be made payable to Hibbing Dylan Project.

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